ACT Labor Implements New Reforms

At the annual ACT Labor Conference held yesterday, delegates voted to implement recommendations from the recently held Participation Review (see posts here and here and you can read the report here). The new reforms include making it easier for members to qualify for voting in preselections, new ways for supporters to get involved in the ALP … Continue reading ACT Labor Implements New Reforms

Give Power to the People, It’s the Only Way

On Tuesday Opposition Leader Bill Shorten outlined his vision for reforming the Australia Labor Party. In a speech delivered to ALP members and supporters at the Wheeler Centre, Mr Shorten outlined a series of proposals aimed at opening up the ALP and encouraging membership growth. Mr Shorten said his reform proposals were aimed at achieving two … Continue reading Give Power to the People, It’s the Only Way

ACT Labor Participation Review – Update

Just a quick update to note the results of the member's plebiscite that was recently held to consider five of the recommendations of the ACT Labor Participation Review. 478 members voted in the plebiscite and all recommendations received the majority of voters' support. These recommendations will now be drafted into rule changes where necessary by … Continue reading ACT Labor Participation Review – Update